Posted on 3/3/2018
Illustration; creativity; design
PIZZA illustration

For me, this illustration and subsequent additional skill was a rut-buster. And a very needed one at that.

Just look towards Creative Bloq’s post on continuing creativity without overdoing yourself. Because by adhering to some simple strategies, it’s very much possible to be a seasoned pro at your art and not burn out as a result.

Yet to add to their list, I believe there’s another vital point. Something that I’ve done from time to time. Most recently, when I drew a pizza. What I did was push myself outside my comfort zone by forcing myself to learn.

I’m no designer. No illustrator. No artist. Still, I enjoy getting inspired. So to push myself when I thought I may have been approaching an ebb, was to just buy a good drawing pad and go to town. And it worked like pineapple on pizza!

So, this was my very first completed illustration. I am not the first to draw a pizza, but fuck it, it was fun and inspiring.

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