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Caffeine: 5 Reasons Why Drinking Lots of Coffee at the Office is the Best Way to Excel at Your Job

Ever wondered how the top professionals get so much done? From the likes of Donald Trump, to Elon Musk, to Oprah Winfrey, to Sir Richard Branson. What do they all have in common? This article is going to explore exactly how you can be like these leaders and excel at your job.

Football: Beyond the Livescore, the Europa League, better than the Champions League

Given that the finals of both the Europa League and the Champions league are upon us, it’s as good a time as any to discuss why the Europa League is currently better than that of the Champions League.

Creativity and Originality: “Good Artists Copy, But Great Artists Steal” 

A quote that’s been thrown around by countless innovators, entrepreneurs and mavericks. The quote, originally spoken by Picasso leaves behind a few questions. Is creativity still alive? If it is, is it anything more than recycled ideas and regurgitated thought? And finally, does creativity…

Creativity: 5 Reasons You Should Consider Working Freelance as a New Graduate

Working freelance often can open up a variety of doors. Doors that allow you to grow in ways you probably thought were out of your reach, regardless of your position in your industry. Whether you’re a fresh graduate, 5 years in, 10 years in or an industry veteran, here are 5 reasons you…

Management: Great Ways to Get Your Millennials to Thrive in the Workplace

For some time now, millennials have gotten a bad reputation. Mostly from older generations such as the Gen-Xers and baby boomers, being named the entitled generation or the lazy generation. Well, however you feel about millennials, there’re great ways to get the best out of them in…

Craft Beer: Feral Brewery’s Hop Hog, My Current Favourite Beer

The craft beer, Hop Hog, from Western Australia’s Feral Brewery is one of my current favourites. With a taste that’s like no other, branding that isn’t afraid and with a host of beers behind it, the American IPA Hop Hog by Feral, is worth the taste.

Branding: Breaking Down NHL Ice Hockey Team, the Minnesota Wild Rebrand

Rebranding a sports team can be a big deal. Primarily due to their strong support, sentimentality and emotion through the fans. For this reason, it’s imperative that when a team rebrands, such as the Minnesota Wild, the designer must take precautions. Not only to ensure the rebrand…

Travellers: Go Beyond Eat, Pray, Love in Bali, Indonesia

Travelling to Bali, Indonesia is something that’s garnered lots of attention over the last 10+ years. Through the popularity of the novel and subsequent film adaption of Eat, Pray, Love, Indonesia and specifically Bali has become synonymous with being a place to get away from it all, find…

Advertising: Mock ‘Penguin Books’ Campaign

OK, so at university I studied Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations and in my second year, I was tasked through a unit of mine, to create an advertisement for Penguin Books.

Entrepreneurs: The First Step on Your Journey to Success

As you must know, a journey has to begin, in order to be underway. Begging the question, why are so many people scared or seemingly against going after what they want and starting their journey to success? I’m sure that like most things, there’re different answers for different individuals…

Advertising: The ‘I Love You, Man’ Advertising Campaign

Finding yourself with some spare time and looking to just sit and relax? Look no further. Turn on the T.V, switch to Netflix or plug in the DVD player and watch the bromance film ‘I Love You, Man’. If not for the script, the chemistry between actors, do it for the ridiculous and likely successful…

Business: Beginners Guide to the Growth Funnel

Below is an article I wrote for a Perth based digital marketing agency, Bam Creative. Looking into the fundamentals of growth hacking for a business and what it really means. Follow the link to read the full article.

Travellers: Fun Things to Do in London

Strolling the streets, with merely a rough idea of where I really was, London had me. Downing pints in pubs older than my parents, eating food that was eerily delicious given it’s made to go and meeting friends old and new. As far as exciting cities go, London is up there.