Craft Beer: Feral Brewery’s Hop Hog, My Favourite Beer

The craft beer, Hop Hog, from Western Australia’s Feral Brewery is one of my current favourites. With a taste that’s like no other, branding that isn’t afraid and with a host of beers behind it, the American IPA Hop Hog by Feral, is worth the taste.

Beer has many uses. It makes a person’s creative juices flow into a river of ideas and possibilities. It can allow for bosses to undergo the “beer test”, allowing potential employers to find the right person for the company to hire. Or it can just be a lubricant for social interaction, in which every person needs.

Still, to me and many others, craft beer is something special. For many reasons. From the taste, to the colour, to the undeniable individuality through their branding, craft beer breaks a mould that mass produced beer companies created.

Now in saying that, there’s nothing wrong with a mass produced beer. They’re often cheaper and more readily available at your local bottle shop or on tap. Still, the craft beer industry has without a doubt blown up in recent years, because (for what I believe) they break boundaries and aren’t afraid to have some fun with it.

There must be something liberating about being part of a company that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Likewise, with working for an alcohol brand (for me, that’s the dream). But when the two are combined, I believe that something great can happen.

Sure, every company has to look at the bottom line. However, when you’re not influenced by upper management, shareholders and the desire to be the next Coca-Cola of beer, but instead look to just make a great product and have fun with all aspects of the business, a lot can be achieved.

An example of this is almost every small craft beer company on the market. Because why else would they get into the alcohol business if they didn’t like the product? And since the beer industry is already so big, many would say it’s an uphill battle to gain any market share.

So for these craft breweries, they’re in it for the love of the product.

Hop Hog - Good Times Craft Beverages
Hop Hog – Good Times Craft Beverages

About Feral Brewery

Feral is a brewery in the south west of Western Australia, located in the Swan Valley. Producing and selling a plethora of beers, Feral have grown a lot since their genesis in 2002. Far from the Neolithic times where man drank fermented alcohol to merely survive, we’ve managed to turn such a noble beginning into something deliciously selfish. Feral have done this well, creating award winning beers and showing no signs of stopping.

In fact, it was the Hop Hog that has taken out multiple awards globally.

Why Hop Hog?

Hop Hog is award winning. Need I say more?

Yes? Well, alright then.

Because since individual’s pallets can differ, especially since not everyone loves the taste of certain types of beers… Regardless of their award winning status, I’ll tell you why I like it.

Before I even pop the top, I admire the branding of the bottle. Featuring the logo, the sketchy typeface and the image of a hog, the exterior is amazing. Keeping with its themes of the company, the Hop Hog adds to the overall brand excellently.

Next, you open the beer.

You take a sip and realise that its fruity and citrusy. The aroma and taste of the West Australian delicacy is enough to finish it and grab another. From one turns into more. What more can I say, than its just a delicious American IPA.

To clear things up!

For those who want to know… I wouldn’t call myself a craft beer enthusiast or snob. I like drinking and drinking not to get drunk, but to enjoy myself. That’s not to say that I haven’t gotten so drunk that vomit’s come out my nose. But I drink lots of things, from different types of beer, to cider, to wine, to rum, to any number of others that you can think of. they generally taste good and there’s nothing wrong with that.

So yeah, I like beer of all kinds.

People often say that an IPA tastes like “each mouthful is like letting an uncoated painkiller tablet linger a few seconds too long on your tongue: momentarily unpleasant, with the guarantee of relief after you swallow.” You know what? Some do taste bad. But god damn, does Hop Hog taste good!

In Summary

If you’ve read this far, you can tell that I like beer. There’s not much that I like more than going down to the pub with my mates and catching up over a beer, Feral or not. Regardless, there’s no going past a Hop Hog. Hell, it’s probably my current favourite beer.

Yet, regardless of your beer tastes. For all of you drinking what you like, cheers. Whether it’s a craft beer, a mass produced one or any other kind of drink, this is for you. Because no matter what it is you drink, life’s short so drink what you like! And if you even come across some Hop Hog (likely in Australia, but can be found internationally too), give it a try!

One thought on “Craft Beer: Feral Brewery’s Hop Hog, My Favourite Beer

  1. Sounds like a fun beer. I like citrus notes in my beer. It’s interesting to see the craft beer explosion and the variety of beers now available. It’s huge here in Maine too. I agree that the smaller brewers are able to get more creative and experiment with different flavors.


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