Advertising: Mock ‘Penguin Books’ Campaign

OK, so at university I studied Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations and in my second year, I was tasked through a unit of mine, to create an advertisement for Penguin Books.

It got a good response and subsequently, despite its flaws, I (mostly) like it.

So, I hope you do, too.


To shoot an original and creative 30 second TVC to persuade a younger target audience to pick up hard copy Penguin Books (Overall filmic quality is secondary to the idea).


Hard copy Penguin Books have declined in sales in recent years.


People love to follow a good story and aspire┬áto be intelligent. However, many don’t know where to start when beginning the journey of literacy. Penguin books is a place where people can go to improve themselves through increased intelligence and imagination, with a great story.


Penguin books has been inspiring people the world over for years. Therefore, younger generations should inspire their creativity also through gaining an understanding of the “classics”.



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