Entrepreneurs: The First Step on Your Journey to Success


As you must know, a journey has to begin, in order to be underway. Begging the question, why are so many people scared or seemingly against going after what they want and starting their journey to success? I’m sure that like most things, there’re different answers for different individuals, not to mention different ways to measure success. Still, there’s only one way to get your journey underway.

Let me preface this by saying, I’m no motivational speaker, nor do I plan to be. This is no framework on how to make money fast (mostly because I’m still figuring out that one for myself), nor am I pushing ideas for how you can work from home. I just want to tell you something of a story (and sure, maybe motivate you if I can) about myself and my experiences, hopefully helping you start your journey to success.

Bali, Indonesia - Journey to Success
Bali, Indonesia

If you have that pioneering or entrepreneurial spirit, not allowing others to dictate your actions and only listening to your own voice… You don’t need to be here (however, since you’re here, perhaps read on). Because you’re already underway.

But for those of you who need a bit of a push to get going and starting your own personal journey to success, take a gander.

A bit about me

Among my friend group, in not so many words, I get a grasp of what people really want out of life. Whether it’s an idea they want to pursue, a job they crave or some kind of a simple goal to achieve, from travelling to marriage.

Although some of them may have their plans mapped out in their mind, they rarely take the leap. Because if all their ducks aren’t in a row, they deem there to be no point in even starting. At least not until they’re more established.

This usually means they’re waiting for the perfect time, for more money, greater support from their peers or improved personal or professional credentials. For these reasons, or a host of others, they choose not to take the leap.

In many respects, they’re waiting to gain permission from others, before themselves. As if they’ve got everything planned out, but can’t take the next step until all of the previous steps have been taken.

Whatever your goal, mission, passion or idea is, your journey to success may be a marathon, but you’re not running.

By this is mean, you don’t have to have everything perfectly planned in order to begin to execute. And do you know why? Because in the long run, it doesn’t matter.

All external factors don’t have to be in ship shape to begin your journey. If you want to be your own boss and work from home or travel to every country in the world, then you’ve got to actually do something to get started. Set your goals and begin to achieve them.

Who’s in control

What matters is who’s in control of your life.

Sure, taking advice from and listening to those around you is great. However, you should never let anyone else dictate your actions.

The value of mentorship

In saying this, I’ve been lucky enough to surround myself with some great people. People who are the movers and shakers. Those who are out there doing their thing. Although, at the same time, I know a lot of individuals who may need a push themselves.

I have mentors that I listen to and take advice from. They guide me from their experiences and help me. But at the end of the day, they cannot do the work for me. That, is on me. They could possibly tell me how to make money fast, but again… It’s up to me, because my future and my potential accomplishments, depend on me.

Journey to Success
Gary Vaynerchuk #ASKGARYVEE

It’s all about talent and hard work – Gary Vaynerchuk

To be a success, Gary knows what you need.

It all may sound out of reach for the average person. Because we’re generally programmed to believe that someone has to be born with talent, to be talented. I don’t necessarily think I was born with all that much talent. But I built myself some.

And I wasn’t born with hard work coming out of every hole in my body, I had to learn to work hard.

To be successful, work on yourself. Be talented… So read some books and grow your skill set. Be hard working… “Eat shit for 24 months then eat caviar for the rest of your life.”

Still, at the end of the day. To get to the place of eating caviar and sipping an industrial size bottle of Grey Goose, you have to get started.

Become one of the movers and shakers. Surround yourself with those unstoppable people and most importantly, just put pen to paper and get going. For you, it could mean booking that ticket abroad, writing that book or following that passion of yours. Whatever you’re doing, just start. If you fail, it’s not a problem so long as you learn from your mistakes.

Because hey, Oscar said it best…

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes – Oscar Wilde

In Summary

Take the steps for your journey to success sooner rather than later.

Because in 500 years’ time nobody’s going to care, nor remember who did what, who made the most money or who travelled where. So work hard and enjoy the spoils while you can. Remember what Gary Vee says, eat shit for 24 months and eat caviar for the rest of your life (and while you’re at it, listen to his podcast and check out his Instagram!)

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